Oh my teenage self, what do I want out of life? I think I have an idea of what I want to experience and do out of life:

Travel all around the world

Have my own business and have a  source of passive income

Make good friends along the way

Eat healthy and vegetarian

Be happy and never stop appreciating life, cause this life wasn’t made to sulk around and be depressed

Never be mean to anyone

Never let go of family, cause it should be the most important thing in your life

Have good morals

Be fresh and clean

Paddle board

and realize how good you have it.


Now this would be the best thing ever, right?

cause I think so:)

Summer time

Today is the first official day of summer, which calls for:

Adventures to awesome places


-Long hot summer nights  -Camping with friends  -Making fires -Sleeping under the stars -Pool parties  -Iced tea’s  -Watermelon


-Outside concerts


-And making the best memories ever


-Take some amazing pictures




This hot and sunny weather naturally brings your spirits up, so get out there and enjoy it, make amazing memories, laugh, eat Popsicles, spend time with family, act like hippies, and be happy cause all you need in this world is happiness and love.

do et do et do et ❤

Westie’ 75

Oh dear Westfalia, how wonderful you are.


This westfalia is my dream car, I dream that one day I can  escape with the one I love, travel, see the world..

A few more years and I can have my own baby, the concept of it seems wonderful.

my plan:

save enough money and leave for one year or two and travel everywhere, sleep in it, eat in it, make fires and eat s’mores beside it, sleep under the stars. Make amazing memories and visit amazing places




Enjoying summer’s in here, parking it on the beach, roadtrips, sounds like a good time to me.

5 things to do when you’re alone

those nights where you’re alone and have nothing to do, and can’t seem to find any ideas?

♥Number one: Sip on some Tea & cozy up with a big sweater and have the ol’dog sleep on your lap while having the windows open on a sweet summer nightImage

Number two: Make your self a healthy yummy snack and read your favorite book..cause you deserve itImage

♥Number three: Wright letters to your loved one’s, make a new pen pal. or just simply write to yourself


♥Number four: Go all out and pamper yourself! light those candles start a bath and put that soothing mask on


♥Number five:Make lists! of things you love, places you want to go, things you want to see, people you want to meet and food you want to eat


Cause life is all about enjoying the little, if you don’t take time out for yourself once and a while you might go crazy in this big confusing world, relax, smile, be happy, and enjoy the ride:)

Bucket list

Hola, this is my bucket list! a bucket list is a list of things and places and people to meet before you die. I think everyone should have one of these. whenever there is a rainy day where you’re just in a crap mood, go take a look at your bucket list and It’ll remind you of all the little goals you have  and just might lift your spirits a little 🙂 xox

1.Go to Ireland when I turn 18
2.Get a nice big camara
3.Go to NYC
4.Go shark diving
5.Go to the Aeroport buy a plane ticket to anywhere and go
6.Get married and grow old with that person
7.Go see Mumford and Sons live
8.Buy a West falia as a house and travel
9.Go to India and pick tea leafs
10.Walk on the great wall of china
11.Go to Hawaii and see fat men
12.Get a grand piano
13.Have children
14.Meet Jerimiah Fritz
15.Meet Steven Tyler 
16.Not get a Divorce when I’m in my 40’s
17.Rescue Farm Animals
18.Go see Florence and the Machine
19.Go see Sir Paul preform
20.Go see Shovels and Rope
21.Visit Micheal Jacksons house\grave
22.Go dancing until sun-rise
23.Sleep under the stars
24.Hold a Chimp Monkey
25.Ride a hot air balloon
26.Go skydiving
27.Have a ligit Tea Party
28.Go to Iceland
29.Write a song and sing it infront of atleast 5 people
30.Don’t be afraid to tell someone you love them when the time comes
31.Kiss a stranger
32.Go snowboarding on Whistler Mountain in Vancover

I’ll probably be adding on to my list as time goes by, but this is what i have so far 🙂

Selah Sue

I went to see Selah Sue yesterday at the corona theater, to be honest i wasn’t expecting much.

But she blew me away, her voice and her energy was just simply amazing.

I will definitely be seeing her and her band play again if they decide to come back to montreal, that’s for sure.

I took a few photos with my iphone, enjoy!