Five places I want to visit the most

I’m in a travel mood today, I wanted to make a list of the five places I want to visit the most with my eye-balls. 🙂

♥1. Ireland


Just the thought of going there makes me so happy, the scenery, the people, the pubs, I want to experience it all.

♥2. Switzerland


The mountains, crystal clear waters, hiking, the peaceful people, chocolate… bring it on



This place looks so intense and scary, but so intriguing and beautiful.

♥4. Iceland


The Golden Circle, crepes, puffins, fresh air, the Northern lights.. Yes please.

♥5. Greece


History, food, food, food, beaches, cliffs, I just.. I have to go.

So those are my five places, what are YOUR five places..

Everyone should have a list and a goal to the places they want to visit the most, explore the planet you live on!

W O N D E R L U S T ♥

Bucket list

Hola, this is my bucket list! a bucket list is a list of things and places and people to meet before you die. I think everyone should have one of these. whenever there is a rainy day where you’re just in a crap mood, go take a look at your bucket list and It’ll remind you of all the little goals you have  and just might lift your spirits a little 🙂 xox

1.Go to Ireland when I turn 18
2.Get a nice big camara
3.Go to NYC
4.Go shark diving
5.Go to the Aeroport buy a plane ticket to anywhere and go
6.Get married and grow old with that person
7.Go see Mumford and Sons live
8.Buy a West falia as a house and travel
9.Go to India and pick tea leafs
10.Walk on the great wall of china
11.Go to Hawaii and see fat men
12.Get a grand piano
13.Have children
14.Meet Jerimiah Fritz
15.Meet Steven Tyler 
16.Not get a Divorce when I’m in my 40’s
17.Rescue Farm Animals
18.Go see Florence and the Machine
19.Go see Sir Paul preform
20.Go see Shovels and Rope
21.Visit Micheal Jacksons house\grave
22.Go dancing until sun-rise
23.Sleep under the stars
24.Hold a Chimp Monkey
25.Ride a hot air balloon
26.Go skydiving
27.Have a ligit Tea Party
28.Go to Iceland
29.Write a song and sing it infront of atleast 5 people
30.Don’t be afraid to tell someone you love them when the time comes
31.Kiss a stranger
32.Go snowboarding on Whistler Mountain in Vancover

I’ll probably be adding on to my list as time goes by, but this is what i have so far 🙂