Five places I want to visit the most

I’m in a travel mood today, I wanted to make a list of the five places I want to visit the most with my eye-balls. ūüôā

‚ô•1. Ireland


Just the thought of going there makes me so happy, the scenery, the people, the pubs, I want to experience it all.

‚ô•2. Switzerland


The mountains, crystal clear waters, hiking, the peaceful people, chocolate… bring it on



This place looks so intense and scary, but so intriguing and beautiful.

‚ô•4. Iceland


The Golden Circle, crepes, puffins, fresh air, the Northern lights.. Yes please.

‚ô•5. Greece


History, food, food, food, beaches, cliffs, I just.. I have to go.

So those are my five places, what are YOUR five places..

Everyone should have a list and a goal to the places they want to visit the most, explore the planet you live on!

W O N D E R L U S T ♥

Summer time

Today is the first official day of summer, which calls for:

Adventures to awesome places


-Long hot summer nights ¬†-Camping with friends ¬†-Making fires¬†-Sleeping under the stars¬†-Pool parties ¬†-Iced tea’s ¬†-Watermelon


-Outside concerts


-And making the best memories ever


-Take some amazing pictures




This hot and sunny weather naturally brings your spirits up, so get out there and enjoy it, make amazing memories, laugh, eat Popsicles, spend time with family, act like hippies, and be happy cause all you need in this world is happiness and love.

do et do et do et ‚̧

Westie’ 75

Oh dear Westfalia, how wonderful you are.


This westfalia is my dream car, I dream that one day I can  escape with the one I love, travel, see the world..

A few more years and I can have my own baby, the concept of it seems wonderful.

my plan:

save enough money and leave for one year or two and travel everywhere, sleep in it, eat in it, make fires and eat s’mores beside it, sleep under the stars. Make amazing memories and visit amazing places




Enjoying summer’s in here, parking it on the beach, roadtrips, sounds like a good time to me.

5 things to do when you’re alone

those nights where you’re alone and have nothing to do, and can’t seem to find any ideas?

‚ô•Number one: Sip on some Tea & cozy up with a big sweater and have the ol’dog sleep on your lap while having the windows open on a sweet summer nightImage

‚ô•Number two: Make your self a healthy yummy snack and read your favorite book..cause you deserve itImage

‚ô•Number three: Wright letters to your loved one’s, make a new pen pal. or just simply write to yourself


‚ô•Number four: Go all out and pamper yourself! light those candles start a bath and put that soothing mask on


‚ô•Number five:Make lists! of things you love, places you want to go, things you want to see, people you want to meet and food you want to eat


Cause life is all about enjoying the little, if you don’t take time out for yourself once and a while you might go crazy in this big confusing world, relax, smile, be happy, and enjoy the ride:)